Goat’s-beard (Meadow & Western)

Mike Weigle Peter M. Dziuk Eileen Brown

Plant Bio

Common Name:Meadow Salsify, Johny-go-to-bed-at-noon, Joseph's Flower
Method of Transportation:Seed
Habitat/Range:Fields, roadsides and disturbed areas


There are two yellow Goat's-beard, which are nearly identical except for a swelling in the stem just beneath the flower head. Western Goat's-beard (T. dubius) has the swelling in the stem just beneath the flower head, while Meadow Goat's-beard (T. pratensis) lacks it. The stems of T. dubious also contains a milky juice.

General Characteristics: They are both perennial herbs that grow 1 - 2 m tall, with long (up to 30 cm) grass-like, lancelate shaped leaves that clasp the stem. There is one lone flower head 3 - 6 cm wide surrounded by long, pointed, green bracts. The flower opens up in the morning and closes in midday, usually by noon. When the flower goes to seed it resembles a giant dandelion with its large dome of delicate, fluffy seeds. 

Weed Act Status: Not Regulated

Western Goat's-beard is is most common in the Kootenay, Okanagan and Thompson-Nicola region, while Meadow Goat's-beard is most common in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region. However both are becoming abundant along the Hwy 16 corridor and CN rail lines west of Prince George, and appear to be spreading quite rapidly in the northern region. Visit the Provincial public IAPP site to find all reported locations of Meadow and Western Goat's-beard in the province. Select "I want to ..." Highlight Invasive Site by Species, and then select the desired invasive species from the drop-down list on the left.

For more identification tips and ways to manage Goat's-beard check out our Goat's-beard factsheet.

To report Meadow or Western Goat's-beard phone 1-866-44WEEDS.


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